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01.21.22- wPOKT - update
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The POKT <> wPOKT Bridge Pen Test by CertiK

CertiK will deliver a final report of the penetration test to the wPOKT team by the end of the week.

Gnosis Safe Multi-sig Signer Selection

PIP-10: wPOKT Multi-sig Signer Selection has been submitted to the POKTdao Snapshot.

Voting for community-nominated volunteers started at 7 AM EST on 01/21. Note that only DAO voters can vote on proposals.

Read this page to learn more about getting a vote in the DAO.

These candidates have the opportunity to become signers of the Gnosis Safe 5/7 multi-sig. The 4 with the most votes will be the signers. 

The Nominees

As voted upon in PIP-10: Security by Anonymity Option, to enhance the security of the 5/7 multi-sig the Pocket Network Foundation will select 3 wPOKT multi-sig signers anonymously outside of these nominees. 

What is coming next

What is coming nextThe POKT<> wPOKT Bridge Penetration Test by Packet Labs

Packet Labs will begin the second pen test of the POKT <> wPOKT bridge next week. They’ll share a report with the wPOKT team once completed.