Devlog - 7.0

01.07.22- wPOKT - update
Wpokt Devlog #1 +300 points
CertiK’s Pen Test

CertiK has continued executing on the vulnerability assessment penetration test of the POKT <> wPOKT token bridge. 

Packet Labs’ Pen Test

As mentioned in the previous wPOKT developer log, Packet Labs has been contracted to do the second penetration test. The wPOKT team has decided to hold off on starting the 2nd pen test until the first one by CertiK is completed, so as to not duplicate efforts.

Security Through Anonymity Option

The PIP-10: Security by Anonymity Option voting period is nearing an end on January 9th. 

This proposal asks DAO voters whether or not the Pocket Network Foundation should select 3 wPOKT bridge multi-sig signers anonymously to enhance the security of the 5-of-7 Gnosis Safe.

If this proposal is approved by a 50%+ majority of those who voted, then PNF will select those 3 anonymous signers. So far, PIP-10 has received 5 unanimous votes to approve it. 

What’s Next

Once it passes, the remaining 4 signers of the 5:7 multi-sig will be determined by a subsequent vote to select from the volunteer signers. You can see the current nominations here:
Thank you to everyone who applied to participate in the wPOKT open testing session. The wPOKT team will be following up soon with further instruction on how to participate!