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12.31.21- wPOKT - update
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The Multi-Chain Bridge

It has been around 2 months since the DAO approved PIP 11: Bridge to a multi-chain POKT.

Ferrum Network continues to work on a multi-chain bridge connecting native POKT to Ethereum/EVM compatible networks for wPOKT, as well as, a staking contract to allow staking of wPOKT on Ethereum and EVM compatible networks.

This includes a Scope of Work (SoW) document for the token bridge integration and a SoW document for the staking integration. Once these documents have been completed, reviewed, and approved, then Ferrum will begin the next phase: the integration.

The integration phase will include the UI deployment for the bridge, the smart contract deployment of the bridge, and a Pocket compatible wallet integration alongside the ability to run bidirectional swaps. Once these items are completed, there will be a feedback process that will be incorporated into the final deployments.

What is coming next

The POKT <> wPOKT Bridge Second Audit
The contract for the second penetration test has been signed. Packet Labs will perform an external application security testing of the complete web application, beginning in the first week of January. Once this process is completed, we will share a report of the results.

The Open Testing
We surpassed our initial goal 100 testers for the wPOKT open testing with a total of 204 applicants. The application period is now closed, and we will reach out in January with further instructions on how to participate.

Recap of the Signer Selection
As a reminder, the voting for the “Security by Anonymity” option starts on 1st of January. The final date for nominating Gnosis Safe multi-sig signers ends next week on January 6th.

For more info, review PIP-10.