Devlog - 15.0

03.08.22- wPOKT - update
Wpokt Devlog #1 +300 points

Today Pocket Team is announcing changes in our product roadmap to better reflect a reimagined panorama for what Pocket Network is and our mission. In this streamlined vision, Pocket Network takes into account recent exponential growth in the network (30,000+ nodes, 300M relays daily, etc.) and is narrowing the scope on wPOKT.

With these reclaimed resources, the Pocket team will maintain a singular focus on delivering the ERC20 POKT equivalent (wrapped POKT/ wPOKT). For further dialogue about why this change is occuring, read CEO Michael O’Rourke’s piece on the subject here:

Blog Post: A changing Pocket Network landscape

What is coming next

Lastly, Devlog cadence is changing to a monthly frequency that will pack all the need to know changes and updates for that month.

Expect these reports to answer all your questions regarding the continued development of wPOKT.