Devlog - 14.0

02.25.22- wPOKT - update
Wpokt Devlog #1 +300 points
Bridge contact Audit

The POKT <>ETH bridge contract audit  has come across some additional challenges which we are reviewing with Pocket’s internal engineering team. While this will lead to additional work and additional resources and an extension of the timeline, we believe that this is paramount in ensuring the bridge is reliable and will help with audit certification as well. 

As we continue to evaluate the state of our ecosystem and in interest of best following the roadmap, we are changing to a monthly cadence for the Devlog. This will allow us to communicate more meaningful changes on a larger timespan as well as effect change from behind the scenes. 

What is coming next

Collaboration with the POKT team in order to bring Ferrum Network’s bridging, staking, and other technical solutions to POKT Network.

Evaluate the Pocket community raised alternative perspectives about the wPOKT road map, the team is exploring and defining a couple of options for liquidity.