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02.11.22- wPOKT - update
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The Multi-Chain Bridge

Ferrum Network is the team behind  PIP 11: Bridge to a multi-chain POKT. In collaboration with Ferrum, Pocket is exited share the latest updates of  the completition  of the latest milestones  of the development of the multichain bridge

These milestones include changes to Ferrum Solutions Architecture to support non-EVM compatible networks. Like describe in the Ferrum blog post below, initial versions of the bridge and staking contract were EVM compatible only. The scope has now been expanded to include a wider range of situations outside of EVM.

What is coming next

The next steps will require a collaboration with the POKT team in order to bring Ferrum Network’s bridging, staking, and other technical solutions to POKT Network.

The full blog post goes into more technical details, but in essence discusses exploring if a specific platform (in this case Pocket Network) has smart contracts or not, and deciding on what resources to take advantage of in either. Pocket looks forward to continued close collaboration with the Ferrum Network team in building towards a multichain future. 

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