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01.28.22- wPOKT - update
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The POKT <> wPOKT Bridge Pen Test by CertiK

CertiK found a critcal issue during its penetration test, surfacing it in their final report. The wPOKT team took action to fix this critical issue and minor ones. 

CertiK’s report summary expresses:

“Pocket Network has worked diligently to remediate issues discovered by CertiK, significantly increasing the overall security posture of their application. CertiK performed the re-test on January 24, 2022, and verified the critical issue mentioned in the report has been fixed. We suggest that Pocket Network maintain this level of security on future development and leverage our team for a follow-up security assessment after any major development changes.”

With the CertiK pen test completed (and the patches implemented), Packet Labs has started the second pen test.

Gnosis Safe Multi-sig Signer Selection

After voting came to end the morning of JAN 28th, the POKTdao voters have officially chosen the four community-supported volunteers to be signers of the 5/7 Gnosis Safe multi-sig.
These are the results:

Thank you to the Pocket community and DAO for participating in governance! 

The POKT team will coordinate directly with each signer. As for the anonymous signers, the Pocket Network Foundation directors will coordinate with the 3 individuals to satisfy requirements of the Security by Anonymity Option approved proposal

By the end of next week, the multi-sig will have it’s full set of signers. 

The Bridge Liquidity

In light of the numerous tier-one exchange listings in the last few weeks, PEP 21 was brought forth by the community. This PEP calls for bypassing the wPOKT LBP (whose initial purpose was price discovery) and going directly to the bridge. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the forums below. 

Participate in the community discussion by sharing your feedback on PEP-21. 

What is coming next

The wPOKT team looks forward to receiving Packet Labs’ final results report of the pen test. As the Pocket community raised alternative perspectives, the wPOKT team is exploring and defining a couple of options for liquidity.