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wPOKT: Enabling Access to New Ecosystems
Official communication

Michael O'Rourke - CEO of Pocket Network Inc.

"The saga of Wrapped POKT (wPOKT) and the bridge has reached a new phase. We know how important it is for the ecosystem to have this bridge and we acknowledge the difficulty in building something safe, scalable, and easily accessible for everyone.

Myself, the core product team, and the protocol team do not feel it is worth moving forward with any bridge connected to v0.

There are several reasons for this:

1. The amount of time required to reach a fully baked bridge is not worth the trade offs in time and additional complexity, which include further delaying v1 development beyond next year’s projected launch.

2. We have never modified the existing protocol to this extent in flight, and are not wanting to take the risk to do so, given that we have spun off most of our resources to build v1, mainly concentrating on piecemeal improvements for v0.

3. There are unknown ramifications related to blockspace, transactions, and core protocol usage that require a significant amount of research, which would also delay v1 development.

4. Security on both sides of the bridge.Despite some miscommunication and the time it’s taken to get to where we are today, Ferrum remains committed to Pocket. This is clear in how they have responded to our own and the community’s tough questions within their proposal and other channels. They also remain committed to servicing the network by running their own fleet of nodes.

After speaking with the Ferrum team, we believe that it is best to focus efforts on bridge research for v1. Ferrum will participate through the core contributor program in collaboration with the community and the protocol team. This is a win-win for everyone, ensuring that we can have the highest quality bridge possible for v1 without delaying its development.

~ Michael"

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